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Release DATE of our FIRST projecT.

The heat is on. Too few nights before the release dates.  See more on details on

The next project to be released soon before the fall 2011 comes.

Exceptional projects.

We support art, leadership education and sports

We have a heart.


We work only with
and for friends.

NF productions was established to drive projects analyzing and supporting the next growth chapter of our economy.  No Fear's operations are funded by a group of private investors; it is not ambitious with no political or regional connections. We are irresistibly free and independent.

You can reach us:

   Finland+358 9 2316 5170

   Hong Kong / China+852-8125 4894

   Russian Federation +7 961 8096150

   United Kingdom+44 20 761 77756

   USA+1  (917) 675 3149

Telefax  +358 9 8561 9983

   Team telefax (all the countries)  +1 (914) 295 2762



No Fear THE BOOK is available in multiple languages (including ebook versions):

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Executives and entrepreneurs working in an international environment sharing concerns about the next phase of leadership development.

Investors searching for the next innovations and innovators which are going to boost the GROWTH!

Researchers and analysts building frameworks and higher education around these vital topics


Global Talent Network

Deliveries and delivery teams of NF Productions are defined case by case. For 2011 we will focus on publications and events related to NO FEAR project.

  1. Publications

  2. Executive coaching sessions

  3. Technology analyses

  4. Investment advisory

  5. Equity investments

Leadership Education Our No Fear project donates its writer royalties towards leadership education at Moscow Business School and Aalto University in Helsinki.

Classical Music we are the proud partner of .

Sport during the summer we test our limits - physically in


2011 we support

“Let’s not talk about who we are and what we have achieved. It is far more interesting to talk about what we can do next. And it gets truly exciting, if we can achieve it as a team.”